My best memory is that it is a place where Christ makes a difference. There is a wonderful view of the Mountains. The swings that you can sit in and study for class or just have your quiet time with the Lord. The campus is beautiful. The professors are friendly and have a willingness to help you in any way you need for class. Christ is the center of the campus. You walk on the campus and can feel His presence in many ways.Through the beauty of nature around you and through the Christian example in the faculty and staff. Having fun with friends on the weekends. We would go out to eat at the Thai and I restaurant. It was the only restaurant there near campus (1987-1994). We had fun just sitting around and catching up on who was dating who, what classes we were taking, and just being there to listen to someone tell a story of something they had done during the week. I loved to sit with friends at White Hall in the rocking chairs. We would sit there in between classes doing last minute reviews for the test, exam we had, or just sit and talk.