While most of the nation was still buzzing over Mel Gibson’s The Passion, North Greenville College unveiled part of their passion by dedicating a new addition to campus on Maundy Thursday, April 8, 2004.

A bronze sculpture of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane in the final hours of his earthly life was unveiled to the campus community in the William M. and Willice P. Anthony Prayer Garden.

This sculpture, created by local sculptor Douglas R. Young, is the third life-size bronze sculpture to be added to the campus.

“This sculpture completes the focus of North Greenville College and gives a greater understanding of the college’s vision,” stated Jacks Tingle, Executive Director for Development. “The sculpture can not change minds or hearts, but it can tell a story of what North Greenville College is.”

The third bronze portrayal of Jesus finalizes the three focuses of North Greenville College: Evangelism, Servanthood, and Prayer. “Through this sculpture, Doug did a splendid job of capturing Jesus praying in Gethsemane. It completes our prayer garden and enhances our passion of sharing Him with others,” stated Dr. Jimmy Epting, NGC president. “After all, we want our students to graduate, but more importantly, we want them to have Jesus in their hearts.”

The Upstate of South Carolina may be familiar with Doug Young for his sculpture of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson located in Greenville’s Historic West End.

“It is one thing to do a portrait sculpture of someone like ‘Shoeless Joe,’ it is something else to convey an emotion in a sculpture of a subject with which you have a personal relationship,” stated Young. “I hope this sculpture has a long reaching impact, not just in years, but that people will reflect on that moment of sacrifice; not focus on the work or on the artist, but the subject.”

A Closer Look: The Three NGC Sculptures

Divine Servant_blogstory.jpgTitle: Divine Servant
Installed: 1996
Location: Joe F. and Eleanor Hayes Ministry Center
Sculpture: Max Greiner, Jr.
Focus Represented: Servanthood
The Divine Servant was the first of the three sculpture to be installed and is the first on visitors see when they arrive on campus.


Title: Fishers of Men
Installed: 2000
Location: Averyt-Wood Learning Center
Sculptor: Max Greiner, Jr.
Focus Represented: Evangelism





Title: Gethsemane
Installed: 2004
Location: William M. and Willice P. Anthony Prayer Garden
Sculptor: Douglas R. Young
Focus Represented: Prayer


Article printed in the Spring 2004 issue of the North Greenville College Magazine.

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