To say that Steven Furtick is “on fire” for the Lord is an understatement. A sophomore mass communication major, Steven spends all of his free time at North Greenville College serving God both on and off the campus. It has been said by students, “Is this guy for real? Is he really this sincere?” He is often seen entering class, shaking hands with everyone he meets. His exuberance and love for his fellow man and for God are felt by everyone with whom he comes in contact.

A native of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, he is a graduate of Berkeley High School. It was at the age of 16 that he was led to the Lord by another NGC student, Jody Jennings. Jody was traveling with Life Action Ministries, and one of Steven’s friends literally drug him to the church for this youth rally. An orange-haired member of a rock band, Steven had aspirations of becoming a rock star and moving to California to pursue his dream. He admits he was moved by the message at the rally that night, but was resistant, not wanting to give up his lifestyle and attitude. He relates that God had other plans as he turned his life over to him and rejoices in the peace, happiness, and fulfillment he has found in Jesus.

A Christian for three years, Steven states he is overwhelmed and humbled with his ability to share God’s message with anyone, even those with whom he has nothing in common. He has the ability to lead music, even though he cannot read music, to preach God’s word with no formal training. He said, “God has opened doors for me, and I realize I have so much yet to learn about life and God’s plan for my life, but I am committed to a life of service to Him.”

During high school he was involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes as President and watched his group grow in number and commitment. He shares that the Berkeley High School FCA group is still active today under the leadership of a dynamic Christian leader. It was the experience that propelled Steven into a strong ministry with athletes in partnership with Campus Ministry and Athletic Ministries at NGC.

As a campus ministry intern, he is working with 21 athletes who have received Jesus since the beginning of the fall semester in a discipleship program to help establish them in their faith and to encourage them in their faith and to encourage growth in their new found faith.

During the summer of 1999, he traveled with a summer impact team as the team leader. This group, sponosred by NGC’s Baptist Student Union, included four other students. They traveled to Vermont, West Virginia, and all over South Carolina, leading Bible studies, church wide crusaders, youth rallies, visiting nursing homes, and doing door-to-door witnessing. Other team members include: Holly Boitnott, Joni Johnson, Seth Dean, and Grace Boyd. Although the team was formed for summer service, they continue to get requests to return to some of their summer destinations.

When asked about some of his experiences that have influenced him, he shares, “During my travels with the team with summer, we returned to my home church in Moncks Corner, SC. I, along with several friends, had been praying God would speak to my father. After my message, I was overwhelmed with His power when I saw my father coming down the aisle to recommit his life to Christ.” He added, “It’s been one and one-half months and my father continues to grow in his faith. My only regret is that I am away from home and not able to share this time with him.”

Steven plans to continue his education in seminary upon graduation from North Greenville College. Until that time, he remains committed to spreading the Good News of Christ with anyone who will listen.

Article printed in the March 2000 issue of the North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter.

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