Did you know? Tim LaHaye (’48), the best-selling author of the Left Behind series, spent his sophomore year of college at North Greenville. Beverly LaHaye (’48), his wife also attended here as a freshman.

LaHaye and his wife, after completing a year at NGC, transferred back to Bob Jones University to finish their studies. LaHaye has gone on to become one of the Christian communities most well known authors of fictional and non-fictional books dealing with the end-of-times and the Rapture.

Although, LaHaye does not write the stories, he is the creator and brains behind the apocalyptic series. He had the original idea to write a series of novels dealing with the apocalypse; however, he did not have the art of writing fictional novels. LaHaye looked for a partner and after his agent set him up with Jerry B. Jenkins, the novel set off on a collision course with success.

Jenkins punched out the story and the fictional characters while LaHaye read through to insure biblical accuracy. Together they created novels that when released, reached the top of the New York Times Best Seller List automatically.

LaHaye recently visited the Upstate to celebrate the Left Behind series 50 millionth sale. Tyndale House Publishers decided to hold the celebration at a Christian Supply, Inc. in Spartanburg.

LaHaye is originally from Michigan. He came to South Carolina in 1946 to attend Bob Jones University. While in the Upstate, he was pastor of Oolenoy Baptist Church in Pumpkintown. LaHaye graduated from Bob Jones in 1950.

Article published in the March 2002 issue of the North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter.


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