Dan and Martha Boling of Taylors, South Carolina, have given $500,000 to the $5 million capital campaign at North Greenville College. This $5 million campaign began in the fall of 1997 to raise money to build a $4million Fine Arts Building and a $1 million renovation and addition to the Averyt Learning Center and Hester Memorial Library.

The Bolings are members of Taylors First Baptist as well as many other worthy causes and both agree that their lives are deeply rooted in the church. They stated they are grateful for the faithful support of pastor, Dr. Ernest Carswell and Taylors First Baptist to the Cooperative Program through the South Carolina Baptist Convention. They realize the importance of the Cooperative Program to the South Carolina Baptist institutions and agencies. They commented, “We see the work our church does on the community level, serving the needs of our members and many others. We fully support the work of the church and see North Greenville College as an institution training and molding our church leaders of the future to serve people throughout the world.”

Dan and Martha relate that NGC has a great deal of family heritage for them. Not only did they meet at the college, but Martha’s family came to the campus in 1993, when her Dad, Charlie Candler, brought his family to the campus because he had been called into the ministry. He enrolled at North Greenville College and struggled to make ends meet financially while attending classes. Martha relates that she was born on the NGC campus in a house shared with four other families, all of whom were NGC ministerial students. She added, “North Greenville College gave my dad an opportunity to complete his education. He went on to serve in the ministry for 50 years. I am confident that without the dedicated faculty and staff at NGC who guided and supported him as well as the many miracles of provision for our family, he would not have been able to succeed in the classroom and complete his studies at North Greenville College.” In addition to Dan, Martha and Martha’s dad attending NGC, Martha’s mother, Lorene, an aunt Pearl, a brother, Jack, and several nephews also attended. Both Dan and Martha agree they are motivated to give to North Greenville because they know how much financial assistance meant to Rev. Candler when he was a student at NGC.

Dan and Martha are quick to give the Lord the credit for the many blessings in their life. They state that they believe that it is the duty of a good steward to carefully consider where their gifts are given. Upon seeing the growth at NGC of recent years and evaluating the needs, they felt this gift would perpetuate far beyond their lives and help to meet the needs of students for many years to come. Martha added, “We have seen tremendous growth in the area of Fine Arts and want NGC students to have every opportunity for success. We believe this ‘state of the art’ facility will offer just that.”

Dan commented, “We have been really blessed and are constantly amazed by the continued blessings of God in all facets of our lives. Today, as in the 50’s when I attended NGC, the dedicated leadership, faculty, and staff continue the mission it was established for, to provide quality education in a Christian environment. We believe that North Greenville College is worthy of our gifts and time.”

Dan is the former owner of Daley Corporation of Greenville, SC. He is currently serving his second five-year term as a member of the North Greenville College Board of Trustees, as well as acting as chairman of this group. Martha is a retired third grade school teacher and is a past president of the NGC Alumni Association.

Article published in the April 1998 North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter

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