Prior to 1951 North Greenville’s official seal consisted of the name of the school in circular form with the year of the organization, 1892, in the center.

In 1951 Hugo A. Duarte, then a student and member of the Aurora (yearbook) staff in consultation with Mrs. T. T. Dill, staff advisor, designed a rough sketch of the seal which is basic to the present one. This sketch, redrawn by an artist at Keys Printing Company and approved by Dr. M. C. Donnan, president of North Greenville, first appeared in the Aurora of 1951. The inscription at that time was North Greenville Baptist Academy and Junior College. After the Academy was discontinued at the end of the 1957 session, the seal was revised to read North Greenville Junior College. In 1973, it was again revised to reflect the change to North Greenville College. The basic design remained the same.

The seal is designed to represent the purpose for which the school was established. The Bible signifies the Word of God as the foundation of Christian faith and learning. The torch represents progress and enlightenment through education. The olive wreath stands for honor and excellence. The torch and the date, 1892, superimposed on the open Bible and the olive wreath thus speaks of Christian Education of academic excellence.

Article published in the April 1980 North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter.


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