The North Greenville College Extension Center, presently located at the Wade Hampton Mall, will move to a new location – downtown on Main Street in the Insurance Building – effective August 25, 1977.

The well-known 11-story landmark across from the Poinsett Hotel is directly above the newly constructed Multimedia Building, City Hall, and Fire Department. Located in a growing section of the downtown area which is easily accessible from major traffic veins, the Extension will occupy the ground level of the structure.

By moving to the new location of the Insurance Building the administration hopes to improve the learning atmosphere and increase interest in the programs of the Extension Center.

The college will be leasing space in the building for an undisclosed period from Rev. Walter Brashier, a long-time support of the college.

Dean Brissie

S.C. Brissie, present Dean of Instruction, will become dean of the new Extension Center.


Brissie has been Dean of Instruction for several years and has endeared himself to students and faculty alike.

Using his 30-plus years of education/administration experience, Brissie hopes to be able to give added “umph” to the existing program.

Mr. David Johnson will continue to assist in the direction of the Extension Center under Dean Brissie’s guidance and supervision.

Article posted in July 1977 issue of North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter.

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