Two new boilers and larger fuel storage facilities have been installed at North Greenville in an effort to improve the safety and efficiency of the heating system.

For years the old system had been inefficient and in constant need of extensive repair in order to provide adequate heat. The new system will operate at a much higher efficiency level and will allow for future-expansion without the need of further experience to modify it.

The 30,000 gallon fuel storage tank will bring the total storage capacity for fuel to 42,500 gallons which is a little less than half the amount of fuel used per year. It is hoped that this new system will cut the total cost of heating the physical plant by 25%.

The college has paid special attention to meeting all of the requirements (installation and insurance) for safe operation of the system. This will help reduce insurance rates and add to the over-all safety of operation.

The total cost for this improvement will be approximately $150,000 when completed. With the cost of operation rising daily, this was not a welcome expense,

Before. . . And we wondered why there was no heat in White Hall

but it left the school no choice but to make these changes in order to provide adequate heat and maximum safety for all.


Printed in the July 1976 issue of the North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter.

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