Trustees of North Greenville College approved a contract for approximately $350,000 for the expansion and renovation of the gymnasium. The Board’s action was announced by Dr. George Silver, president of the college.

Clark Construction Company of Greenville submitted the successful bid and works has begun in November on the outside. Insider work that will involve the basketball court will be delayed to permit use of the court through this season’s home games.

Seating capacity will be tripled to provide space for 1500-plus spectators. The front five rows on either side of the court will have movable bleachers to allow for two cross courts for intramural games.

Other improvements include a new entrance lobby with ticket offices and a concession area. Present office space and locker room will be renovated and expanded to include additional space. Visitor’s lounges will be provided for the first time. An entrance court is to be constructed at the southeast corner about the lobby.

The expansion and renovation, on the priority list of needs for several years, it expected to provide for the needs of the developing athletic and physical education programs at North Greenville for the next decade.

Article printed in the Winter 1975 issue of North Greenville College Alumni News.

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