The South Carolina Baptist Convention at Myrtle Beach in November, 1972, made the name change to North Greenville College official. Final action will be taken by the South Carolina legislature to amend the charter to drop “junior” from the name and give the new title legal status.

Action was initiated more than a year ago by the trustees and the request was made to the state convention in November 1971. Since the request required a change in the constitution of the convention, such approval could not be given until “the amendment will have been presented to the convention at the previous annual meeting before action is taken on it.”

This will be at least the fifth time the charter has been amended to reflect a change in the name of the 81 year old institution. Other attempts have been made to change the name but were either denied or withdrawn.

Taking its name in 1892 from its founder, the North Greenville Baptist Association, the institution was known simply as the North Greenville High School. In the changes that have followed, the school has never forgotten the rock from which it was hewn and has worn with pride the title North Greenville in her name. Once again, all the trimmings are dropped and she flies with simplicity and dignity the banner North Greenville College.

This article was printed in the Winter 1973 issue of the North Greenville College Alumni News.

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