The opening of the first term of North Greenville College at Greenville has been “successful beyond expectations,” according to Harry L. Thomas, director of the new program. “Now we’re busy planning for an even greater second semester,” Thomas added.

After expecting about 50 students, at the most, for the first term, “about an even 100 registered,” Thomas said, “and will be taking courses toward a two-year program, as is offered on the main campus of NGC at Tigerville.”

“The students can take anything here on the Greenville campus that they can on the main campus,” Thomas said, “with the exception of laboratory science courses and music courses.”

About 20 courses are offered now in two divisions-morning and night-which has tended to draw some students who could not carry on their regular schedules and go to school during the day.

“We are delighted at the way things have developed,” said Thomas, who speculates that the college will soon outgrow its present building at the Wade Hampton Mall, even though concrete plans for the program were not begun until six months ago.

“Pre-enrollment prospects for next semester are rosy,” Thomas added, “There is every indication that we should enroll as many for the spring term as we did in the fall.”

Article was published in the Fall 1973 issue of the North Greenville College Alumni News.

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