From left, bottom row: Dr. Lindsey; grandson Harold E. III; Mrs. Lindsey; Jane, a senior at Georgia Technical Institute; Top row: Ed, a graduate student at University of Virginia, and his wife, Janice; Laura, 14, at home; Ann, Gene’s wife; and Gene, a fourth year medical student at Harvard.

The dawning of July 1, 1970 ushered in a new era for North Greenville Junior College. The transition from the old administration to the new was made quietly and without fanfare.


The coming of Dr. Harold E. Lindsey, third president of the college, brings fresh, dynamic leadership to the campus. The dramatic unfolding of events the first two weeks reveals the implementation of his “Dream for North Greenville.”

The excitement and enthusiasm of the new era is evident on the campus among administration, faculty, and students alike and reaches out into the community, the state, and beyond.

Dr. Lindsey, in relating his dream, said, “I want everybody to know something about the venerable, wonderful story of North Greenville. I want people to know us as we really are . . . and to know what we can become.”

In relating the purpose of the college to a group of trustees, staff, faculty, student, denominational, and community representatives gathered on the campus. Lindsey said, “We are not a church, we are not a Bible institute. Our purpose is to help develop intellectually and spiritually in a Christian framework.

Planning with the Trustees

President Lindsey and the trustees disclosed long range plans that will double the college’s assets by 1975.

The board of trustees in their semi-annual meeting, the first under the new president, approved the recommendation of the landscape consultants for the landscaping of the entire campus. The work is to begin on the first phase of the project as soon as money is available – perhaps this fall.

This is the first step in the $2,500,000 development program. Included in the long range development program is the construction of a new library, fine arts building, and additions to the student center and dormitories.

Yes, a new ear has begun! Fulfulling the purpose of the college cannot be accomplished alone. “But we can,” says Dr. Lindsey, with friends, churches, and a place in the hearts of the people can be the best Christian junior college in the United States.”

Article printed in the Summer 1970 issue of the North Greenville Junior College Alumni Magazine.


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