Wade H. Hale

KM_C308-20180125120757In the summer of 1951, two pastors from the Piedmont Baptist Association and I came to North Greenville Junior College to arrange for a Summer Camp for Junior and Intermediate Training Union members from our churches. From the time I first arrive on campus, I felt that I would like to have a part in the future development of Junior College which I had known of since 1936, but had only visited twice before. This was not a spur of the moment impression, for I had felt this concern and interest since my college days, but had never made an effort to make contact with one of our colleges.

There are several reasons why I teach at North Greenville. First, I feel that the Junior College has a unique role in our educational program The college is small and allows individual interest and counsel for any student who will avail himself of these helps. Then there is the challenge of the small part that each instructor can have in the lives of the many hundreds of students who have passed through our school. The Junior College does not sacrifice academic standards but challenges the student to do his best work.

The denominational Junior College still has the plus of a Christian environment for this academic attainment that needs never have apology for is existence nor be diminished for other attainments. I am happy to be a part of type of institution.


Robert T. Roper, Jr.

KM_C308-20180125120846In retrospect of my years at NGJC since 1960, I find pleasant memories. The associations which I have had with students, teachers, and administrators have been both enjoyable and challenging. The administration has remained helpful, cooperative, and supportive.

NGJC! Potential! Purpose! These concepts are linked together in my thinking.

My confidence in the potential which this school has in our striving world increases daily. The students gain my confidence in their potential which will, with God’s directive, bring them to fuller lives of service in many field of endeavor. NGJC has great potential in education, in Kingdom service, and in the lives of its students.

NGJC to me is also purpose. Here, many students have found purpose for their lives. NGJC has been a place of fulfillment of purpose for my life. From seminary books to math books at NGJC is a part of the continued unfolding of God’s purpose for me.


Veda B. Sprouse

KM_C308-20180125120920The American author Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Give what you have. To someone it may be better than you dare to think.” Because North Greenville Junior College is the place of service to which the Heavenly Father led me. I have endeavored for thirteen years to share my live with my students. However, I am the beneficiary because I have come to realize that pioneering is not a thing of the past, it was not for North Greenville only in 1892, with her founding. There is always pioneering to be done – adventures of the human mind. Indeed it is a thrill to see young people develop wider and deeper appreciations, to delight in the adventures of intellectual curiosity, to become generous in their responses to humanity, and to permit their lives to be molded by the Master Teacher.

Article written for the Summer 1968 issue of the North Greenville Junior College Alumni Magazine.

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