KM_C308-20180109134402On September 8, 1967, the Neely’s moved into the new home for North Greenville’s president.

During the summer of 1966, the executive committees of the North Greenville and Greer Baptist Associations met jointly several times to discuss the possibilities of a special 75th Anniversary gift to North Greenville Junior College. This gift was to be one that would enable the Associations to establish a permanent visible memorial at the college commemorating the important relationship which has existed between the Associations and the school since 1892. Out of these meetings came the recommendation – which both Associations subsequently adopted – that they undertake to raise $25,000 toward the erection of a president’s home.

The trustees agreed to accept the offer of the two Associations and to go ahead with the construction of the house. Since they were faced with the necessity of building another faculty house in 1967 they felt that this would be an opportunity to construct a president’s home and at the same time release the house needed for faculty use.

So, the house was built – one to which every North Greenville alumnus can point with pride. Because of the generosity of friends, the use of lumber grown on the school farm, and some school labor, the house is worth far more than its actual cost.

Of modern-colonial architectural style, the nine-room house has 3,540 square feet of space on the main floor and uses electric heat and air-conditioning.

The Thomas L. Neely family came to North Greenville in 1958 when he became Administrative Assistant to the President and was chosen as the college’s second president upon retirement of Dr. M. C. Donnan in 1962.

Dr. Neely, a native of Spartanburg, was a member of the college’s first graduating class in 1936. He graduated from Wofford and Southwestern Seminary and did graduate study in Central University of Venezuela, while serving as a missionary to South America.

He was married in 1941 to the former Carolyn Switzer of Roebuck, a graduate of Lander College. They have three children.

Harry, 23, is also a graduate of North Greenville. In his freshman year he was injured in a serious accident and twenty-three operations later, he received his B.A. degree from Wofford. Married to the former Patsy Baughman, they live in Spartanburg.

Carole, 16, is a junior at Blue Ridge High where she plays clarinet in the Senior Band.

Tim, 13, is an eighth grader at Blue Ridge High. An ardent football fan, he plays the drum in the Intermediate Band.

Written by Mrs. Alice Tribble for the Fall 1967 North Greenville Junior College Alumni Magazine.

Photo: From left: (bottom row) Mrs. Neely, Tim, Dr. Neely; (top row) Patsy, Harry, and Carole.

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