KM_C308-20180104164844This year we celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of North Greenville. Surely we want to make this a special year in our lives as well as in the history of the school. Never again will we have such a year in the lifetime of many of us.

As can be seen by this issue, the four alumni magazines of the year will be centered around this Diamond Jubilee celebration. There will be many interesting and inspiring articles about people we have known and loved as part of North Greenville. There will be pictures and other items which you will want to keep. We suggest that you save each copy of your magazine this year.

On January 16 (the exact date of the founding of the school) Founders’ Day was observed, with Dr. Baker James Cauthen, Executive Secretary of the Baptist Foreighn Mission Board, speaking. This was followed by a dedication of a new clinic, named in honor of Miss Elsie Tuttle, retired teacher.

Many other events will be observed during the year. Each alumnus is urged to participate in as many of these as possible. Let me call your attention to some of the more outstanding ones.

On Saturday, April 22, 1967, we will have our Annual Alumni Meeting at the college. This will be a dinner meeting, and we hope will be the best attended in the history of the school. Last year’s was the largest meeting of this kind ever held, and this year should be even larger. We are hoping on that day to bring to light for the first time a new history of the college, written by Dean H. J. Howard.

On June 4, 1967, a concert of sacred music will be given by Mr. Frank Boggs of Atlanta, Georgia. This will be a delightful event, and it is expected that we will have the auditorium filled to hear this well-known singer.

On October 24, 1967, a historical pageant of the foundation of the school will be presented before an official meeting of the North Greenville and Greer Associations. These associations comprise the churches that founded the college seventy-five years ago. This will be one of the highlights of the year’s celebration. The public will be invited.

We are delighted that the North Greenville and Greer Associations, of their own accord, have decided to make an anniversary present to the school in the form of money for a new president’s home. We are hoping that this can be begun soon, and be finished by early fall.

Article written by Dr. T.L. Neely, NGJC President, published in the Winter 1967 North Greenville Junior College Alumni Magazine

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