For the first time, North Greenville has a central place for student activities. The new student center offers facilities for recreation, conferences, study, and eating. It is felt that the center will help unify the entire school program and give an overall view of the school’s purpose.

The first contact students have with North Greenville is through the Admissions Office. The extended contact with the student is the Alumni Office. These two offices are now located in this building.

More than ever before the day students will feel a part of the school. All facilities are available for them with lockers provided and eventually post office space will be available.

Rules and regulations for the operation of the student center are set by a Policy Committee and subject to the approval of Dr. Neely.

The committee is composed of Mr. Dewey Calvart, dean of admissions; Mr. C.V. Bruce, business manager; Mr. James Morgan, faculty representative; Miss Nancy Derminer, faculty representative; Miss Juanita Copeland, alumni secretary; Stan Gainey, student body president; Dwight Loftis, day student representative; Stan Freeman, boy boarding student representative; and Sherry Byrd, girl boarding student representative.

Events of interest will be planned not only for the students, but for the faculty and community as well – art exhibits, receptions, club meetings, discussions, etc. Visitors such has high school and church groups will be invited to the center.

Published in the Fall, 1965 issue of the North Greenville Alumni Newsletter

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