Mrs. Dill Retires: 29 Years of Service

“Mama” Dill, the home economics, art, and health teacher of North Greenville Junior College, is retiring this year after 29 years of service.

When North Greenville was still a high school, Mrs. Glennie Cook Dill came as a teacher of home economics and dietician.

Her nickname is “Mama” Dill, because she has been a mother and fostered many people in her Christian service.

Upon her coming to North Greenville, she lived in White Hall for 16 years. Later, in 1954, she and her husband built a home on the Dill Homestead Place on which they own around 100 acres of land.

Mrs. Dill is a very active person in various organizations, clubs, and functions. She projected the first May Day held at North Greenville and worked with it each year. For 18 years Mrs. Dill has been the faculty advisor for the AURORA which received a first class rating on last year’s issue and has received honorary ratings every year.

She is a member of the National Home Economics Association, and officer of the State Home Economics Association, and a member of the University of College Professors. Next year she will be president of the Mountain-side Garden Club. She is also a member of the Eastern Star.

Her hobbies are many. She enjoys arts and crafts at Camp Marietta. Taking young people to Ridgecrest brings much joy to her. Mrs. Dill also enjoys gardening, swimming, and entertaining. She raises dogs, preferably collies, and Black Angus cows.

Many of Mrs. Dill’s activities are in the church which she considers most important. A great deal of her works had been associational. When he first came to North Greenville, Mrs. Dill worked with the intermediates, and since then she has worked with the adults. She established the first Vacation Bible School and was superintendent at the Tigerville Baptist. She has been the president of the W.M.U. several times. She has also worked in the North Greenville Association and was president for five years.

Nine classmates of Mrs. Dill’s graduating class are on the foreign mission field. She had wanted to go, but felt that she should stay and help send others. Mrs. Dill feels that she has helped more in this manner.

One of her greatest joys is watching young people grow. She likes to think that she has lent a helping hand to each person.

It is with mixed emotions that Mrs. Dill retires. She feels that she can do more at home now and do some of the things that she hasn’t had time to do before. She has one son and three grandchildren. Mr. Dill is a civil engineer.

Published in the Summer, 1966 issue of the North Greenville Alumni Newsletter


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