North Greenville dedicated its new $245,000 Donnan Administration Buidling and Hester Library Jan. 11, 1957, and the Board of Trustees announced that plans have been completed for the construction of a $200,000 auditorium-music building, which will be the second major project in the current ten-year improvement program.

The dedication ceremonies were held during the 65th anniversary of the school and on the birthday of Dr. Donnan.

Delivering the dedicatory address was Dr. Dotson M. Nelson, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Greenville, who discussed six “pluses” of Christian education.

Dr. Nelson declared that Christian education teaches truth plus virtue. “The Christian college must always keep its doors open to truth. God is truth, and any truth is and must be in and of God,” he added.

A second “plus,” the speaker averred is work plus faith. “There is no excuse for a college existing for lazy students, or professors either for that matter,” he continued.

“An individual who considers his junior college work as a two-year ‘loaf’ made out of dad’s ‘dough’ is not a fit product for the college to operate with; there is no substitute for work,” he stated.

Knowledge plus wisdom was the third division of Dr. Nelson’s address. “No education would be worth anything without the knowledge and the wisdom to use it,” he maintained.

Dr. Nelson listed as number four, reputation plus character. He defined reputation as “what people say about you,” and character as “what you are.”

Books plus “the Book” was the fifth point he discussed. “Christian education gets its very beginning from the Bible,” he explained, “and must be carried on in the light of the principles taught in the revealed Word of God.”

Dr. Nelson concluded his remarks with the thought that an educational institution is composed of buildings of brick plus the building of men.

“We have come together this afternoon to dedicate a beautiful building. It is not an end of itself. It is dedicated along with those who teach here to the building oif men, which is the product of Christian education.

Through the years, North Greenville has captured a place in the hearts of those who have known it. The future beckons brightly.

Others on the program were Ansel M. Alewine, chairman of the Board of Trustees; Dr. S. H Jones, editor of the Baptist Courier; the Rev. B. B. Jernigan of Columbia, a member of the Sunday School Board; Dr. Charles F. Sims, secretary-treasurer of the General Board of the S.C. Baptist Convention; and Raymond L. Pinson, pastor of El Bethel Church at Greer, who is president of the North Greenville Alumni Association.

At a meeting of the trustees prior to the dedication, Mr. Alewine was re-elected chairman, Fred Crow of Greer was elected secretary, and the Rev. James Storm of Summerville was elected assistant secretary.

Photo: From left: Dr. Donnan, Dr. Nelson, Mr. Alewine, and Rev. Pinson.

Printed in the February, 1957, North Greenville Junior College Alumni News


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