Dean Henry J. Howard, esteemed dean of instruction and professor of English literature at North Greenville for the past 16 years, will lay aside his administrative duties at the end of the first summer session, July 7, in semi-retirement, restricting his working hours to teaching a limited number of classes in literature.

Since coming to North Greenville in the fall of 1949 Dean Howard has made a valuable contribution to the rapid growth of the college, seeing both the student body and the faculty more than double in number during that time, and playing a major role in the college’s becoming accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Never too busy or too tired to discuss any problem a student might have, the countless hours he has spent in patient and wise counseling have yielded rich dividends in the lives of those students who came to him for help.

Appreciation for the warmth and concern Dean Howard has exhibited through the years in his everyday transactions with students was recently emphasized when an alumnus said, “He accepted us for what we were. When others grew tired and weary because we seemed so hopeless, he always made room for our feelings and for our youthful inexperience.”

The 1960 AURORA was dedicated to him with this tribute:

“Since its beginning, North Greenville Junior College has been privileged to have great men and women to serve as administrative officials and as faculty members.

“For many years one particular person has served in the capacity of both and administrator and a faculty member. He has influenced the lives of students on this campus mentally, socially, and spiritually.

“He has caused student to marvel at his many talents and his many abilities. His life has served as a challenge to people with whom he has been associated. In deep gratitude and appreciation for all that he has done for our school, we dedicate the 1960 AURORA to Mr. Henry J. Howard.”

North Greenville Junior College administration, faculty, alumni, and student body once again salute Mr. Howard with pride and affection, wishing him a good retirement of health, happiness, and continuing service.

Printed in the Summer, 1965 issue of the North Greenville Alumni Magazine


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