At its spring meeting, the board of trustees authorized the architect, Harold W. Woodward, to complete plans for the new administration building with the probability of letting the contract and actually beginning construction work in June. This new building will provide for the library and administrative offices on the first floor and six class rooms on the second floor. The financing of this building will be provided as follows: Cash available at present – $85,000.00; anticipated capital needs contributions for 1954 – $40,000.00. Since the completed project will cost approximately $165,000.00, there will be a remaining balance of $40,000.00 which alumni, corporations, and other friends of the college are being asked to supply. If this is done, the building can be completed without incurring any indebtedness.

The new structure will be located on the site of the old main building. To those familiar with North Greenville campus, this old building represents a famous landmark. It was first erected in 1905 with three rooms on the first floor and three rooms on the second floor. In 1911, four additional rooms were added and the walls of the first story brick veneered and the upper floor shingled. The second story was brick veneered in 1932 when the auditorium was added.

Present plans call for the continued use of the old auditorium, although it is scarcely adequate to accommodate the expected increase in the size of the student body. Final provisions for auditorium facilities will be made when the proposed new auditorium and music building is constructed.

Construction work will probably require the summer and fall semester of the next session. When it is completed, North Greenville will have a thoroughly modern structure with an adequate library and conveniently arranged administrative offices, along with a sufficient number of well-equipped class rooms to meet present needs.

Printed in the February, 1954, North Greenville Junior College Alumni News.


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