About May 1, a history of North Greenville Junior College, written by Miss Jean Flynn, instructor of English, will be released by Hiott Press. In addition to carrying on her regular classroom duties and assisting with regular extracurricular activities. Miss Flynn has spent innumerable hours traveling, interviewing former students, and writing this much needed history of the college.

The writing of this history is the culmination of a project begun in the spring of 1950 when Dr. M.C. Donnan asked Miss Flynn to arrange a program on the growth and development of North Greenville which would be suitable for presentation in the churches of the North Greenville Association. This program, a pageant dealing with the founding and progress of the college, was given on numerous occasions during the fall of 1950. As a result of this project, Miss Flynn decided to write a history of North Greenville.

It is fitting that the history should appear in 1953 for this date marks the sixtieth year of the school’s existence and lacks only one year making a quarter of a century of service by Dr. Donnan as president. The history will be of interest to all South Carolinians who appreciate the struggles and achievements of the institution and will be of particular interest to alumni who have profited by their association with North Greenville.

A description of the natural beauty of the location of the college, the interesting events during the intervening years, the achievements of faculty and students, and above all struggles of North Greenville to remain open – all these are recorded in the history. Dr. R.N. Daniel of Furman University read the manuscript and wrote, “It was a real pleasure to read your history, but first rate human interest material. I predict for it a most favorable reception.”

Published in the April, 1953 issue of North Greenville Junior College Alumni News

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