Marked progress has been made during the past two months on the construction of the new administration building. All of the steel framework is in place, and the brick work has been started. Within the next two or three weeks, the asphalt roof and the concrete floors will be poured. In the light of these accomplishments, J. P. Moore superintendent in charge of the building, said recently that “the building should be completed by March, [1955].”

Upon completion of the building will serve a three-fold need of the college; (1) It will provide a modern and attractive library designed to accommodate a student body of five hundred; (2) It will furnish commodious and well-arranged business and administrative offices; and (3) it will contain a sufficient number of classrooms to relieve the present crowded condition caused by increase in enrollment.

The greater part of the funds used in the erection of this building was made possible through the capital needs program of South Carolina Baptists. With these funds and contributions from interested alumni and friends, President Donnan and the Board of Trustees hope to be in position to have the building paid for when it is completed.

Printed in the November, 1954 North Greenville Junior College Alumni News

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