Pictured above is one corner of the new library located on the north wing of the new Administration building. The seating capacity of the room is 100, and the book storage capacity is 15,000 volumes.

The entire library consists of the large reading room, a work room with sink and cabinets, offices for the librarian, and a conference room.

Miss Edith Sayer, librarian, is in charge of the library and is assisted by several students. Among them are Clysta Hill, Betty Jean Gillespie, June Griffen, Ann Thompson, Morgan Worthy, Shelby Jean Brown, Leon Burton, Marilyn Lane, Rodney Southerlin, and Betty Juan Woodham. The library is open from 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening except for the supper hour.

With the enlarged space provided by the construction of the new building, a definite program of enlarging the services of the library has been launched. The reference collections are more up-to-date than the others because an extra allotment has been spent for reference books during the past three or four years. The immediate objective is to build up the general collection during this year in the fields of study in which we are deficient. $1,200 has been appropriated for the purchase of such books this year.

One popular place in the new library is the magazine corner. Here our students have access to 65 current magazines and eight newspapers. According to the librarian, the most popular magazines in the lot are “Colliers,” “Saturday Evening Post,” “American,” and “Look.”

Among the newspapers the “Greenville News” and the “Spartanburg Herald” are in greater demand. An index of the degree to which the library has been used is shown in the circulation figures for that period. In 1952-53, the total circulation was 10,301; in 1953-54, 9,289; in 1954-55, the circulation was 14,492.

Published in the December, 1955 North Greenville Junior College Alumni News

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