Groundbreaking for Administration Building_blogstoryA number of representatives of the Baptist Denomination participated in the ground-breaking exercises [for the new administration building] held at North Greenville on June 30 [1954].

Dr. Charles F. Sims, General Secretary of the General Board of South Carolina, spoke on the purpose of the denominational college in our educational program.

Rev. Ed Rouse of Laurens, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, spoke briefly on behalf of the trustees.

Dr. J. Dan Williams of Greenville represented the alumni.

Because of his close association with North Greenville, Reverend J. Roy Robinson of Greer was asked to represent pastors of Greenville County. Reverend Robinson spoke in praiseworthy terms of the work of North Greenville in the past and its contribution to the denominational life of our state.

Dr. W. C. Lamm represented the faculty and expressed their gratitude at this opportune moment and pledged their support to the entire program.

Gary E. Smith of Warrenville, President of the Student Body for 1954-55, spoke briefly on behalf of the student body.

The program was brought to a conclusion with an address by Dr. S. H. Jones, Editor of the Baptist Courier, on the role of the junior college in our educational program. Dr. Jones paid a high tribute to the junior colleges and their contribution to our Baptist program. He enumerated several distinct benefits which the junior college has brought to our people.

The gathering was dismissed with prayer by Rev. O. K. Webb, Greenville county missionary.

Photo: From left: Dr. Charles F. Sims, Dr. M. C. Donnan, and Rev. Ed Rouse.

Printed in the August, 1954, issue of the North Greenville Junior College Alumni News.



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