KM_C308-20171116123401After two years of planning, researching, and critical analysis, the North Greenville Board of Trustees approved the proposal to change NGC’s mascot from the Mounties to the Crusaders.

Beginning August 2001, North Greenville will leave the Mounties behind and charge into the future with the Crusader as its mascot.

“We wanted the mascot to better represent the college’s goals and purpose, something that would identify the college better,” said President Jimmy Epting, who spoke on behalf of all the involved committees in this change.

From our study of history, we know the Crusaders always had a purpose, a cause of some kind.

The administration of the college formed a mascot committee after an article in the college newspaper, the Skyliner, voiced the students’ opinion that the mascot, Mounties, presented a bad image and they wanted a mascot change.

The suggestions of the students and Mascot Committee were considered and after many hours, days, and years of careful consideration, the committee submitted the Crusader sketch to the Executive Council for their review. The Executive Board made some changes and sent it back to the Mascot Committee.

The Mascot Committee approved the changes, and it was then sent back to the Executive Council, who then submitted it to the Administrative Council. After the approval of these three college committees, the recommendation was sent to the Executive Board of the Board of Trustees. They approved the Crusader mascot and sent it to the Board of Trustees at the January 2001 meeting for final approval.

The college’s administration developed a plan to be certain this issue received careful consideration before changing the mascot. The committees and councils were made up of faculty, staff, students, administration, the Board of Trustees, and alumni. They knew there would be some opposition to the new mascot, but knew that the change was for the best, said Epting.

“We certainly understand and appreciate the traditional way of doing things. Changes is hard to accept. However, NGC has changed a lot throughout the years. We need this change so we can better fulfill our missions, “Where Christ Makes the Difference,” said Epting.

North Greenville’s mascot has changed throughout its history. First known as the Black Widows, then later became the Moonshiners. Like the Mounties, each mascot has changed as the school changed. This change precedes the upcoming transition to NCAA from NAIA. The school looks forward to entering the NCAA division with a new look and a new mascot.

North Greenville hopes the Crusader will help bring about progression and growth for the college’s athletic program.

Printed in the March 2001 issue of NGC Alumni Newsletter.



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