KM_C308-20171115124222As the starting tight end for the Minnesota Vikings, Andrew Jordan (’92), is probably seen on national television by more people than any other NGC alumni. Andrew proved to be a solid, reliable tight end during the 1995 campaign, grabbing 27 passes and two touchdowns. When he was not running pass patterns, his steady blocking performance helped produce gaping holes in opponents’ defenses. His size and speed kept opposing linebackers at bay throughout the entire course of the game.

And if anyone represents the North Greenville virtues, it’s Andrew. He’s a good man for the school to claim.

Both during season and off, he visits elementary schools and he talks to students about the things that are important. What’s important? Home life (Andrew credits a lot of his success to his father), education, disciplined work habits, and a positive lifestyle. While Andrew studied in Tigerville, he kept an above average GPA and was so quiet that people are surprised that he was ever here. Except for the football field, of course! His other activities included intramural basketball and softball and working on The Skyliner, the school newspaper.

When he talks to the students, he has adopted one elementary school as his own, although he visits others, he concentrates on these issue: drugs and alcohol, academic improvement, non-violence, positive attitude, and responsibility.

And he urges his young listeners to make the right choices in all of these.

Advice Andrew would give to present North Greenville students: “There is a reason why you are here. Make the best of it. Keep up the faith. Times get hard still for me, but that’s life. It isn’t always going to be easy. Just think about how good it is going to feel when you endure to the end result. Trust me. I know.”

This present-day Viking, who will always be a Mountie also, keeps up with his old friends, Sherri Beale and Vinson Fraley, also NGC graduates. (Andrew also played two years as a Western Carolina Catamount.)

He states that the most fun thing about being in the pros is the game itself. He enjoys the people that he meets and the places he goes. Hardest thing about the pros is making the mental adjustment from college to pro football.

What’s the best memory of the Mounties and the school? Graduation…..looking back and saying thank to the special staff members and teacher.

That’s Andrew.

Written by Dr. Dee Bielecki, professor of English at NGC, for the April 1996 issue of the North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter.



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