KM_C308-20171114152926Since the early 1960’s, Turner Auditorium has been a vital part of the North Greenville College campus. Its walls have been home to the Fine Arts Department as well as serving as the largest assembly area on campus for our students’ bi-weekly chapel services.

During the past decade, the once stylish beauty of this building has begun to fade.

Years of neglect battered the physical features that once made Turner Auditorium an attractive building. The need for restroom facilities and renovations to the building prompted the Alumni Association to undertake contributions, money was set aside by the college and other individuals donations. The work has now begun on Turner Auditorium and is expected to be completed soon.

The exterior of the building’s front will feature white columns which will give the building a totally different appearance. The lobby area will be greatly improved, and, with these renovations, this building will once again project an image that we can all be proud of.

Thanks to each of our alumni who make a contribution to this renovation project. A special thanks to Marion Moorhead, Academy Club President, for his letter writing campaign to other members of the Academy Club. Their contributions really made a difference. It is so gratifying to have alumni willing to “make the extra effort” needed to insure a successful fundraising campaign.

Printed in the September 1995 issue of the North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter.

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