KM_C308-20171114111711Two roads associated with North Greenville College have been officially named in honor of two highly influential former NGC leaders.

Special recognition ceremonies were held in chapel Monday, February 13, 1995, in memory of the two men, Dr. M.C. Donnan and Rev. R.A. McKinney.

The main road that runs through the campus between the administration building and the library is now named Donnan Boulevard, after Dr. M.C. Donnan, principal of North Greenville Academy and president of North Greenville Junior College from 1928 to 1963.

A portion of Highway 414, between the campus of North Greenville and Highway 25, is now named R.A. McKinney Boulevard after Rev. R.A. McKinney. Rev. McKinney is the former Director of Alumni Affairs and Assistant to the President of North Greenville.

Tribute was paid to the memory of Dr. Donnan in the chapel service by fromer NGC professor, Dr. Wade Hale. Hale praised Donnan’s servant spirit. “I never knew a more humble man,” Hale said. “He loved and served the Lord with all of his heart.”

During Donnan’s 35 years of leadership, which spanned the Great Depression and World War II, the school operated a farm and dairy on the campus in order to provide food and milk for students and staff. Donnan event swept floors and did everything possible to keep the struggling school alive.

After the war, when the economy improved, Donnan helped North Greenville Academy develop into North Greenville Junior College. During his tenure, 21 new buildings were constructed on campus, including the present Donnan Administration Building, Turner Auditorium, Hayes Gymnasium, Simpson and Bruce Residence Halls, Foster Student Center, and Tuttle Clinic.

Mrs. Lois Hinds, a daughter of the late Dr. Donnan, was presented a special memorial plaque during the service.

Mrs. Ruby McKinney, wife of the late Rev. McKinney, also received a memorial plaque in honor of her late husband.KM_C308-20171114111711

Tribute was paid to McKinney’s memory by Joe Dill, a member of the Greenville County School Board.

“Preacher McKinney was in touch with God,” Dill said. “He spent his life helping people, including young people. He was a great encourager for this school.”

State Senator Vern Smith steered the political and legal work through the state highway department to get the two roads named for the former NGC leaders.

Smith declared Monday, “There’s something good happening at North Greenville College. It does my heart good to see this auditorium full. It shows me that God is blessing here.”

The Senator continued, “When I see young people like y’all, I feel great confidence for the future. You will be the leaders of the future – the mothers, the fathers, the preachers, the educators, and even the state senators. I challenge you to serve and honor God,” smith concluded.

The special chapel service was led by Frank Spearman who serves as chairman of the voluntary North Greenville College Community Relations Committee and who spearheaded the highway-naming project. Several members of the committee were present for the occasion.

Top Photo: From left, Joe Dill, Lois Donnan Hinds, Joe Hinds, and Verne Smith

Bottom Photo: From left, Tom McKinney, Gloria M. Hawkins, Mrs. R.A. McKinney, and Betty M. Blanton

Printed in the April 1995 edition of the North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter.



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