KM_C308-20171113112308Action taken by the North Greenville Board of Trustees at the April, 1984 meeting set in motion a fund-raising campaign to benefit the college for years to come.

The Board authorized a base Campaign goal of $2 million. The theme, “Opportunity for Excellence” emphasizes the thought behind the goal. The Opportunity for Excellence Campaign has already begun and will continue during the next 17 months, but the drive for excellence will continue after the goals are achieved.

“In this Campaign, many individuals will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their loyalty to the college and supports its efforts to offer an academic program of high quality for current and future students through their personal involvement,” Dr. James D. Jordan said.

“We will use the funds we raise to provide the margin of excellence in our educational programs, our faculty and staff, and our facilities,” he explained.

“North Greenville has been committed to excellence in higher education since its beginning over 90 years ago. Through the Campaign, people will get to know that we still have the dream of providing a Christian environment where quality education can be offered,” the college president continued. “The funds generated through this Campaign will be a tool whereby we can continue to improve what has been started. We can help students acquire lifetime wisdom in a place dedicated to molding and nurturing young people with an awareness of the higher values they need for a meaningful life.”

The Campaign will focus on several groups separately, each with its own goal. The Alumni Council on July 26 adopted the Alumni Challenge goal of $250,000, with a challenge goal of $500,000. The plans call for an extensive organization and challenge that is designed to include all alumni. Mayson Easterling, former director of admissions, will direct the Alumni Opportunity for Excellence Campaign. The other groups to be involved are trustees, council of advisors, faculty and staff, Greer area, and Greenville area.

Several months prior to the beginning of the Campaign, a number of projects were conducted to identify the college’s strengths and weaknesses and to use that information to set priorities. The result led to the setting of the $2 million base goal with the following priorities: Endowment – $1 million, Student Aid – $600,000, Academic Enrichment – $100,000, Computerization – $100,000, Renovation and Campus Improvement – $200,000.

These priorities will help the college provide the type of education in the type of environment where young people can find fulfillment of North Greenville’s original mission: “to be a school of high grade equal to any in the country, in which our boys and girls may receive such an education as will fit them for any business in life ….” Thus the Campaign will truly provide an “Opportunity for Excellence.”

Printed in the Summer 1984 issue of North Greenville Alumni Newsletter.

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