KM_C308-20171026164524Groundbreaking ceremonies for Trustee Hall were conducted at the site of the new housing unit to be built for women on February 3, 1983.

The new $150,000 building project will house 24 students. It will be totally financed by trustees, former trustees, and their families. The unit is similar to the seven “free standing” quarters completed last summer for men and will house 24 women. Work on the project is expected to begin later this summer.

C. Henry Branyon, a former trustee and benefactor of the college, turned the first shovel of dirt. The event focused on the 90th Anniversary theme “Honoring the Past, Serving the Present and Shaping the Future.” Dr. Ollin Owens, in speaking of the past, reflected upon some of the important milestones in the college’s history. Lloyd E. Hunt (’23) dealt with the role of North Greenville today, and Chester Holmes focused on the necessity of dynamic leadership to meet the college’s commitment to its founders. Trustee Chairman Dr. Boyce Tollison presided at the ceremonies.

Some five years ago, Mr. Hunt presented the idea for the new residence hall for women to former President George Silver. After securing his approval to pursue the idea, he then challenged the alumni district officers of the association to adopt it as their project. They declined, thinking it was too much to attempt.

Later as a trustee and chairman of the development committee, he presented the challenge to the committee as a project for the trustees. The committee agreed and presented the plan to the full board the same day. They adopted it. As the program progressed, former trustees and their families were asked to participate. Quietly, but firmly, without publicity, the trustees by personal contacts and individual gifts raised $75,000 in cash, the amount set to be in hand before starting construction.

The urgency for the need of the new dormitory is reflected in the necessity to use two of the units built for men to house the overflow of women students last fall.

“I don’t believe in having vacant dormitories,” says Mr. Hunt, “but since the need exists, I believe this will be a fine and beautiful edition to the campus that will help us get 24 to 48 new students.” “After all,” he added, “we were planning on two units.”

NGC President Dr. Jordan is excited about the new building and anticipates the building of as many as four units to meet the needs of the future.

Published for the March 1983 North Greenville College Alumni Newsletter

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