KM_C308-20171113112201North Greenville celebrated its 50th year as a college on September 27, 1984 during Founder’s Day ceremonies.

North Greenville was established in 1892 by churches of the North Greenville Baptist Association as a high school for young people of the area. College level classes were added in 1934. The high school academy was dropped in 1957 at which time North Greenville received full accreditation as a college.

Dr. John E. Roberts, editor of the Baptist Courier was the guest speaker for the Founder’s Day convocation. Dr. Roberts reminded his audience that “schools like North Greenville don’t just happen. North Greenville is here because people cared enough to sacrifice, and because people today are still willing to sacrifice.”

Photo: Dr. John E. Roberts, editor of the Baptist Courier. 

Printed in the Fall/Winter 1984-85 North Greenville Alumni Newsletter

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